Five tips for leading agile data management development teams

Moving from 'command and control' to 'communication and enablement'

One of the principles behind the Agile Manifesto states:

The best architectures, requirements and designs emerge from self-organizing teams.

This is a key success factor in agile data management, whether the team is developing a traditional data warehouse or any other type of enterprise data management solution.

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Team building activity for agile teams

Office space does not have to be boring! On the contrary, it should stimulate creativity and be positively tuned. Working in an office does not always have to be associated with gray, square rooms, all of which we want to get away as quickly as possible.

Employers awareness of the impact of the workplace on employees efficiency is growing. Companies pay more attention to ergonomics and comfort. They treat work environment as an additional incentive for potential employees.

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Why a Business Case is a key for success of your project?

magine (and I know it is purely hypothetical situation that never happens in real life) you as project manager in the project without goal, justification or any direction the project should be heading too. It is possible to finish project like this, it is possible even to call it "a success story”. But is it really what you looking for, as project manager. Now look at it from owner perspective. You invest in project – and you don’t know where money goes, what you want, and how much you want to earn.

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Case Study - Agile project management methodology implementation in an international project team


The paper aims at presentation of problems connected with agile project management methodology implementation (i.e. Scrum) in an international project team. Basing on the case study the paper indicates the most crucial problems, as well as offers solution proposals. The problems were identified during the scrum methodology implementation in the international project team.

Key Words:

Adapting Scrum, International Project teams, Agile, Case Study

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Agilopolis on the Government Digital Service suppliers list

We're happy to announce that Agilopolis was qualified for the Government Digital Service suppliers list which is an achievement that our company is very proud of.

Therefore we want to share this enormous information with you and thank everyone who took part in achieving the goal.

From now on we're a part of the group of suppliers who can deliver digital services to the government agencies so wish us luck with the upcoming new projects!

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Agiloplis consultants are all PSM certified

We are pleased to announce that all Agilopolis Consultants are PSM certified.

It's been exciting week after the PSM training when all Agilopolis employees passed their examps with really good results ot the test. Special congratulations to Wojciech who created the training and pushed as all to pass the exam and Anna, who with not as much expeirence as other consultants managed to score over 95% questions rights.

Wojciech surprised everyone with great diplomas from and small celebrations.

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Atlassian User Group Meeting in Wroclaw, 25.03.2015

We'd like to share with you some photos of the last AUG Meeting that took place on the 25th of March. 

The participants joined two presentations led by Rafał Sumisławski, NetworkedAssets, and Wojciech Walczak, Agilopolis, and an Open Space Conference, where topis regarding the Atlassian tools were discussed. 

We hope to see you on the next AUG Meeting!

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Agile revolution – seems familiar, part 3

Author: Wojciech Walczak

Knowledge and responsibilities

Looking at my past projects, knowledge, skills and experience turns out to be the key factor for an Agile team to succeed. A self-organizing team simply has to have the know-how regarding the technology, project management and Agile methodologies, otherwise they have so many opportunities to fail, that the project automatically becomes a high-risk project.

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