AUG Lower Silesia April meeting by Agilopolis

AUG Lower Silesia April meeting by Agilopolis

Last week, AGU’s Lower Silesia had its second meeting of 2016.

The meeting was held Wednesday evening at Wrocławska GastroPub.

We listened to a very interesting lecture "Automate your development environments with JIRA and Saltstack" by Wojtek Wróblewski

Brief description of presentation: "Modern, agile software development requires a lot of environments. On every step of application's lifecycle, you'll need a room for various activities. How to manage them efficiently? How not to get lost in automated infrastructure jungle? We've tied JIRA and configuration management tool together to speed up development process, and minimize documentation and management effort at the same time."

For many of us, creating and managing testing environments for teams it was annoyingly. Wojtek shared his know-how in this area. After a theoretical introduction we had the opportunity to live verify the proposed solution.

After the lecture we conducted discussions in the format of open space. As usual topics were pointed out by the participants.

Improving our Atlassian skill set directly affects our career growth so we are always happy to share new tips and tricks. Thanks to all the crazy smart people we meet at AUGs, we're pretty much the JIRA ninjas. Hope you'll join us, at next meeting, to learn from all the crazy smart users in the Wrocław.

We were thrilled with the outcome and we’ll definitely be doing this again soon. Thanks to everyone who made it a success. Stay tuned for more information about the next meetup.