Team building activity for agile teams

Team building activity for agile teams

Office space does not have to be boring! On the contrary, it should stimulate creativity and be positively tuned. Working in an office does not always have to be associated with gray, square rooms, all of which we want to get away as quickly as possible.

Employers awareness of the impact of the workplace on employees efficiency is growing. Companies pay more attention to ergonomics and comfort. They treat work environment as an additional incentive for potential employees.

Companies are not limited only to the physical aspect of the office, but try to shape the environment in such a way as to affect both the efficiency of the employee and relationships existing among employees. Designing today’s modern offices space should support building among employees.

Analysis of Cushman & Wakefield show that 56 % of organizations are considering changes in the office space arrangement. Companies would like to fulfilled expectations of employees for the workplace. Study developed by Mikomax Smart Office, conducted among people working in polish centers of modern business services, showed that 67 % respondents confirmed that the appearance of the office is important aspect in their work.

Not everything is possible to design. What cannot be designed directly are human relationships, which are valuable for the team and its members. But we can easily support building human relationships.

In the case of agile project management methods we deal with self organizing teams. These teams have high self-awareness of establishing and developing projects and projects environmental. Wisdom of crowd and collective work can support us in creating a work environment that integrates and builds the team spirit of the project team.

So how can we support the team, support the team building activity, and allow the team to create its own environment during one day activity ?

This project is much easier to implement than you think. It is easy to support, low-cost and very efficient and effective :)

Budget: 300 $

Time: Saturday

This Office space is dull as dishwater.

The walls are flat, even, and not absorbing. Who hasn't worked in such an area?

Long lasting negotiations. What should be on the wall: a famous painting, perhaps portraits of celebrities? In the end it was decided: Superheroes ! Everyone likes superheroes!

After the conceptual phase, team started to design. The projects in a scale can be seen below: 1 pixel = 1 Post it.

Wonder Woman


Capitain America

Scarlet Witch

Iron Man


Batman Jr.

Time for the tedious calculations. As a result of calculations it came out that all the portraits will consume 8024 notes. Then the Team has calculated the demand for a particular color of sticky notes and check with suppliers, how many pieces are in the package and place an order.

The total cost was about $ 300.

Sticky notes - lots of notes!

The next step is implementation. Team member decided to draw extension lines which help in keeping image perpendicular to the ceiling. Employees (and their families!) came specially during the weekend to the office to participate in the project.

First on the wall appeared Wonder Woman.

Wonder woman in all its glory.

Next to Wonder Woman was Superman.

Contribution has been made by everyone who came to the office - regardless of age and height.

The result exceeded all expectations. Many people working in the same building came on Monday to admire the effects of work. The final effect can be seen below. Views from several different points in the office.