Scrum for advanced

Scrum for advanced has been designed to give participants a solid, extended knowledge of Scrum, which can be successfully used to improve the practices used so far to achieve results even better than before.

  • Level: advanced
  • Participants: project managers, team leaders, product owners, scrum master
  • Content: theory: 10%, discussion: 50%, exercises: 30%, feedback: 10%
  • Trainers: 3
  • Max people per trainer: 8
  • Duration: 2 day (min 1 day)

Prerequisites: Scrum Game Workshop or prior agile knowledge


Scrum Game advance provides participants with unique possibility to feel how agile would work in their project and their organization. Training is based on concrete project selected by customer. Trainers acts more like consultants guiding participants through organizational setup, backlog creation, agile planning and execution.

It is highly customized training and each parts can be adapted for customer requirements or constraints.

These training is planned for two days but might be shortened to two days, see below for more information.


Training consists of two main parts:

  • Organization and project overview
  • Project planning

First part is focused on discussion of current organization, project and stakeholders. As an output, overview of organization is created which is the basis for trainers to prepare for next part. As a data gathering techniques, trainers use mind mapping, retrospections and discussion with participants.

It is expected that before first part, following artifacts are delivered:

  • Project description
  • Requirements document
  • Organization chart
  • Burning issues/most important topics that should be discussed

Based on delivered documentation and input from first organization and project overview, trainers prepare second part focused on real customer project development. Following topics are covered:

  • Project setup and preparation - Importance of Business Case and Kick off
  • Dependency Management
  • Risk Mamagenent
  • Release Planning
  • User stories splitting to smaller one
  • Backlog creation
  • Project estimation and planning
  • Development and demo
  • Replanning and change requests handling

If requested by customer, second part can also include proposition of organizational structure, suitable for agile project development.

Training is based on XP Game gramework developed by Vera Peeters (Tryx) and Pascal Van Cauwenberghe (Nayima). For reference please check: