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Agilopolis is an Agile think tank that provides consulting services and training for teams and individuals operating in an Agile and project management discipline. Our first goal is to help you and your team achieve effective project delivery.

We bring expert Agile Coaches and Scrum Masters to transform your teams into high-performance units. Building your teams and helping them on a daily basis while at the same time working with your Scrum Master to impart the knowledge and skills required to improve team dynamics. We also provide training and workshops to pass on specific knowledge which in a practical way will improve your quality of work and streamlines management processes. If you're interested in improving your project management skills complete the form available on our website to contact us



Consulting is a wide range of services including areas such as designing and implementing IT solutions and reorganizing the management methods and tools in organizations.



Our training were designed to improve your capability, capacity, productivity and performance. The ultimate goal of each training is to increase your skills and knowledge and to make your personal development grow.



The tools we provide is the equipment enabling you to work faster, better and more effectively, simplifying the management process and communication between the whole team.

Does your company need our services? Call us today.

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